Flower Bomb Shower Whip


So what do you ask is a Shower Whip?

My friends at the Soap Shack UK who make them say they're a cross between a creamy solid soap and a shower gel. They are filled with moisturising oils and butters to leave your skin nice and soft.  

The Flower Bomb Fragrance is based on the scent of the same name.

It is Vegan Friendly, Cruelty Free and SLS free too!  All products have been independently tested and certified. It can be used for those with sensitive skin conditions, but as always if you experience any kind of reaction discontinue use.

Each 113g pot is designed to last a month or more if you use it sparingly and it's a multi purpose product - it can be used as a shaving foam substitute, or if you favour a bath over a shower, can be used as a bubble bath too!